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ChangeCamp Edmonton is happening today! Saturday, October 17, 2009 at Lister Conference Centre, University of Alberta.

ChangeCamp Edmonton Wiki
The discussion on Twitter – #yegchange

A ChangeCamp event is a participatory and web-enabled face-to-face event that brings together citizens, policy-makers, technologists, design-thinkers, change agents and media creators to answer one question:?“How do we re-imagine government and citizenship in the age of participation?”

ChangeCamp addresses the demand for a renewed relationship among citizens and government. We seek to create connections, knowledge, tools and policies that drive transparency, civic engagement and democratic empowerment.

ChangeCamp Edmonton will be a one-day event that aims to bring all three levels of government together with interested citizens to encourage an environment of learning, sharing, and exploring innovative solutions. Our goal is to ignite a new conversation about what it means to be in government today, what it means to be a Canadian citizen, an Albertan, and an Edmontonian, and what it means to use new technologies and processes that enable discussion, exchange of ideas, and debate.

Here are two members of our organizing committee introducing ChangeCamp at Pecha Kucha Night Edmonton #5:

Here’s a slide deck that provides insight into the philosophy behind ChangeCamp:

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